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It is the largest of the Greek islands, and fifth in size among the islands of the Mediterranean, after Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica and Cyprus. Its maximum length is 260 kms. from the Gramvousa point in the northwest up to the Sideros point in the southeast, while its width varies from 60 kms. to 12 kms. Its area is 8.261 sq.kms. and together with the islets of Gavdos and Dia, 8.303 sq.kms. The length of its coastline is 1.046 kms. Crete is a mountainous island, with three large ranges: the White Mountains or Madares in the western part of the island (highest peak: Pachnes-2.453m.), Mt. Ida or Psiloritis in the central part of the island (highest peak: Timios Savros, 2.456 m.) and Dicte or Lasithi mountains, which dominates the eastern part of Crete (anonymous peak of 2.148m.) Crete also has a number of plateaus among the mountain peaks. The richest plateau…
Crete : a cross-road of ancient sea routes, a host of multifarious knowledge, a unique blend of diverse cultural forms on a canvas of exquisite natural beauty. Crete : a special place, unique in Greece. Where people and nature weave a harmonious synthesis of the present with threads of a distant, and glorious past. Lying as the island does, on the crossroads of the three ancient continents – Europe, Asia and Africa – it has inherited something from each. From Europe, its cosmopolitan air, from Asia its reserved, traditional character, from Africa its palm trees and the hot breath of the south wind. Crete : the land of “Xenios Zeus”, of legends and myths, of unpretentious hospitality. For centuries now Cretans have been training in the art of hospitality, a ritual, in the form of a disciplined and mutual trust relationship with strangers. Crete : where Europe was baptized. Crete…

Exclusive Private Services: Excursions, Shore Trips, Daily Tours & Transfers

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