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Natural History Museum of Crete The Natural History Museum of Crete is housed in the renovated former premises of the Heraklion Public Power Corporation, on Dermatas’ Bay. With an area of 3,500 m2, it is the largest exhibition of its kind in the Mediterranean, showcasing the natural environment of Crete and the wider Mediterranean area in an innovative, original way. Visitors have the opportunity to explore Cretan ecosystems alongside their equivalents in mainland Greece and elsewhere in the Mediterranean via dioramas, i.e. full-scale models of natural landscapes. Other areas are dedicated to exhibits such as the Giant Deinotherium, the largest prehistoric animal ever to live on Crete, the Living Museum, a display of typical animals of Crete and the Mediterranean, the Enceladus, an earthquake simulator where one can experience several earthquakes known to have occurred in different areas in the past, as well as the Erevnotopos Discovery Centre, an area…
Labyrinth Musical Workshop Labyrinth is more than a Musical Workshop, is a way of life through music. Labyrinth Musical Workshop was founded in 1982 by Ross Daly, in order to initiate ,mainly young people, in a creative approach to traditional musical idioms from various partsof the world. Since 2002 it is hosted at village Houdetsi in Crete where, regularly every year, open seminars and "Master - Classes" are conducted with some of the greatest teachers of traditional music from around the world. It is a meeting point for musicians and students and is recognized as the leading institution in Greece today, in the field of education of tropical and traditional music in general. Labyrinth was awarded with european citizenship prize 2012. It was initiated by the greek parliament in 2008 as recognition of europeans outstanding achievements. The award was given for activities that facilitate cross-border cooperation in the european union…
CretAquarium A dive in the Mediterranean marine world awaits you in the CretAquarium. Come and meet more than 2500 individuals of fish and invertebrates, approximately 200 Mediterranean species, in numerous tanks of varying sizes that represent underwater Cretan landscapes such as the unique rock formations of Matala or the sea beds of Vai. From the big hunter sharks to the tiny seahorses, the sensational jellyfish and the colorful rainbow wrasse, the variety of Mediterranean marine species is pronounced with background the various representations of their natural biotopes. Discover the connection between the Mediterranean and the Red sea with its tropical species. Explore the various touch screen information points and learn more about the life of our Mediterranean inhabitants. Explore the interior of our tanks and obtain a different view point through our underwater remote-control cameras. The CretAquarium, part of THALASSOCOSMOS, one of the biggest building complexes in the Mediterranean devoted…
The Museum of Domenicos Theotokopoulos (El Greco) The museum of Domenicos Theotokopoulos is located at the site of "archontika" in the beautiful setting of Skoteini, near the Byzantine church of Panagia. The museum is housed in a renovated post-Byzantine building complex and is open to the public since 1998. About ten thousand people visit the museum every year. The exhibition includes a small collection of reproductions of the works of the great painter, commonly known as 'El Greco'. An information pamphlet about the life and work of Theotokopoulos is available in 5 languages and is distributed to visitors. Next to the museum there is a rest area and a cafeteria under the shadow of the centuries-old trees while a bit further there is a stone-built water well, part of the post-Byzantine farm. El Greco (1541 – 1614), as Domenicos Theotokopoulos was commonly known, is considered to be one of the…
Lychnostatis Museum The Cretan open air Museum “LYCHNOSTATIS” is located at Hersonissos, by the sea-side. It consists of three main collections: Nature & Flora Collection, with gardens of fruit trees, aromatic herbs, cactus, shrubs and plants, stones and minerals of Crete. Ethnographic Collection, with a presentation of Cretan traditional life (a stone-made farmhouse, a middle-class house, a chapel, an olive-oil press, a windmill, a shepherd’s shelter, a threshing floor, a wine-vat, a raki-distillery, workshops of ceramics, weaving and plant-dyeing, an old school, bee’s & wax house). Art collection with works of folk artists exhibited in the Folk Artist’s Gallery, the Open-Air Theatre and the Exhibition’s Room. The Traditional Product’s Department of the Museum produces various local products (extra virgin olive oil, organic honey, “raki”, herb-teas, fig pies, rose & carob-desserts, ceramics e.t.c) available in the Museum’s shop. The museum was candidate for the European Museum of the year Award in…
Attali Monastery or Bale Attali Monatery or Bale is located on the hills of Agia Ypakoi near Bali village and is dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. Although the monastery dates back to the 14th century, written testimonies date back to 1628 onwards. The Monasteries & Churches is built on numerous levels and features stables, an oil mill, baking premises, a fountain, a ceramics workshop and a Refectory featuring impressive murals. The catholicon is not situated at the centre of the Monastery, as is common practice, but in the north-eastern side of the complex, outside the citadel built around the monastery to protect it from pirate raids. Initially, the church was a single-space structure, but was converted into a two-aisle church in the 16th century. During the Ottoman era, the Monastery suffered extensive damage.
Church of Panagia Kera The church of Panagia Kera is located southeast of the small town of Kritsa, a settlement with its own unique profile which played an important historical role. It dates from the Byzantine period, and grew considerably during the period of Venetian rule (1211-1647). One testimony to the vibrancy of Kritsa is the large number of frescoed churches in the area. By virtue of its size and rich fresco decoration, Panagia Kera is the most important of all these churches. The church’s interior was decorated with Byzantine frescos. The church’s architecture was created by a succession of additions and interventions. The central aisle, which had the form of a domed single-naved church, comprised the original church and was probably built in the Byzantine period. Early in the period of Venetian rule the central nave was restored, the dome was rebuilt, and the side aisles were added. The…
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