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Climate of Crete

The climate of Crete The climate of Crete is generally described as mild Mediterranean, differentiating itself with continental characteristics in the mountains. In general, a basic characteristic of the local climate are large deviations from place to place. The geographical position and the morphology of the soil of Crete drastically affect the climate of the wider area, which, in turn, is affected by the climatic characteristics of three continents, as well as by the insular character and the local changes caused by the mountainous morphology, especially between the northern and the southern positions of the island. The yearly temperatures fluctuate between 14 and 15 degrees Celsius, the mainland has generally warmer summers and colder winters, while the southern coasts are warmer both in winter and summer in relation to the northern coasts. Crete has a privileged geographical position in the Mediterranean, which gives it a mild climate with mild changes…

Exclusive Private Services: Excursions, Shore Trips, Daily Tours & Transfers

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